Terms & Conditions

These are our current terms and conditions regarding film submissions. We may change them or update them at any time, all registered filmmakers will be notified in advance if we intend to do so.

In submitting in your film (“content”) to INDORA, you hereby certify that you are the original owner, content creator, filmmaker, studio, and/or license/rights holder, and/or a duly authorized agent thereof, for the content submitted, and that you hereby grant INDORA and its partners AM Productions and A/D Ventures, LLC (“partners”) non-exclusive rights, licens and permission to distribute your film via the INDORA TV channel application for Roku and OTT/Connected TV platforms (including but not limited to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Sony/Samsung TV and LG Networks). You further agree to the $49 (per submission) Registration Fee required by INDORA and its partners to cover encoding and/or offset storage and bandwidth costs until your film is profitable on the platform.

In exchange, INDORA and its partners agree to pay you a fifty percent (50%) share (“royalty”) of the advertising, VOD and all other revenue earned from the monetization and distribution of your content via INDORA TV to be paid monthly to the individual/company you listed under “Payable to:” via the method you selected under “Payment Method,” and beginning in the next payout cycle after 30 days from the date of submission. Revenue Reports are generated the first week of each month for the prior month. Payouts are made the last week of each month for the prior month’s earnings. For questions about payouts, contact billing@adv-brands.com.

INDORA accepts submissions on a first-come, first-serve basis and has the final say in all films we present on the INDORA channel. If for any reason your film is not accepted for monetization and distribution via INDORA, your Registration Fee will be promptly refunded to you. (Your Registration Fee is non-refundable otherwise.) Due to occasional backlog, please allow up to thirty (30) days for your film to appear on the INDORA channel. You may not be notified that your film has been added to the channel line-up, so we do suggest you subscribe to the channel. If for any reason your film is not showing on the INDORA channel after thirty (30) days from submission, please contact INDORA support at support@adv-brands.com.

INDORA and its partners reserve the right to cancel this agreement at any time and remove your film from the channel line-up. In the event this agreement is cancelled, your film will be promptly removed from the channel and all revenue owed to you, up to the date of removal, will be paid to you in the next payout cycle. You may also cancel this agreement at any time by simply emailing support@adv-brands.com with your request to cancel. In the event this you cancel this agreement your film will be removed from the channel within five (5) days and all revenue owed to you, up to the date of removal, will be paid to you in the next payout cycle.

INDORA and its partners make no guarantees as to how much your film will earn on the INDORA channel. Advertisements (“ad streams”) are provided, reported and paid-out by third-party advertising agencies and specialized ad providers, and actual advertising revenue is based on many factors including total views, viewer demand, available advertising inventory (“fill rate”), current advertising CPMs, and more. INDORA and its partners have no control over any of these factors beyond the integration and operations of the individual advertising streams provided by them.

Furthermore, you agree to hold INDORA and its partners harmless of any lawsuit, claim or other legal actions that may arise from submitting your content for monetization and distribution on the INDORA channel. Should you have any legal questions or concerns regarding your submission or this registration form, payment, etc., you can contact INDORA’s support team via email at support@adv-brands.com or use the contact form on the INDORA website, www.indora.tv.