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You’ve worked hard on your film, you’ve spent a fortune making it and now you just want to do what everyone else does – distribute it and earn money from it! Your first thought is to sell it to Netflix or Hulu. There was a time, not so long ago, when that was easy to do, but with the tremendous growth of streaming and digital platforms they’ve figured out it’s more profitable to create and distribute their own content than it is to acquire and distribute yours – or they’re locked into huge studio contracts that essentially lock YOU out. What can you do?

INDORA is here to help! We offer a unique distribution solution for independent filmmakers and content creators that pays you a direct percentage royalty (currently 50%, expected to grow to 80% in 2020) of the advertising and VOD revenue earned while viewers enjoy your content via the INDORA TV channel on Roku and OTT/Connected TV platforms.

Submit your film to INDORA and enjoy monthly payouts (no minimums) paid via Paypal or check, straight to you, the last week of every month for the previous month’s earnings. We provide comprehensive monthly reporting that includes both viewer- and revenue data.

There is a one-time $49 fee for each submission. This fee covers content ingestion, required video encoding and helps offset storage and bandwidth fees while your content audience grows and becomes profitable. Not ALL films will be accepted to INDORA, and if, for any reason, your film is not accepted, your Registration Fee will be promptly refunded.

You can read our complete Terms & Conditions here.
Please do that before you submit anything – you’ll be asked to review and accept our Terms & Conditions with your submission.

If you have questions about submitting your film to INDORA, use our contact form, or if you’re ready to submit your film, click the button below to access our easy registration form.