What is INDORA?
INDORA is a subscription streaming television service available on Roku and other OTT/Connected TV platforms. Our goal is to provide independent filmmakers with solution for distributing and earning money from their films while providing unique and exciting entertainment to viewers.

How much does INDORA cost?
INDORA offers a free subscription with limited viewing and a $1.99/month upgraded subscription for unlimited movies and television shows. Your subscription fee helps offset the costs of providing indie filmmakers with a distribution platform.

What kinds of movies and shows will I find on INDORA?
INDORA features a wide variety of independent feature films and television shows, including art films, short films and web series, from around the world, for all audiences. We accept submissions from filmmakers and content creators worldwide and also acquire and curate our own content.

How do I subscribe to INDORA?
You can find INDORA in the Roku Channel Store under “Movies & TV” or you can click here to add INDORA via the web.

How do I submit my film to INDORA?
You can submit your film here.

Is there a fee for submitting my film to INDORA?
Yes. We charge a one-time $49 on-boarding fee. This fee covers content ingestion and video encoding, setup of your payment account and helps offset costs of storage and delivery (CDN) for your content while it builds viewership. This fee is only refundable if your film is not accepted.

How much does INDORA pay me for my film?
We pay 50% of the gross revenue earned from monetizing and distributing your film on the INDORA channel. This includes 50% of all advertising revenue generated while viewers watch it, as well as 50% of any and all paid VOD “rentals” or “ad-free” versions.

Can I still distribute my film elsewhere?
Yes you can. You grant INDORA a non-exclusive license to monetize and distribute your film on the INDORA channel in exchange for a monthly revenue share. You are free to distribute your film anywhere else. However, if you sign an exclusive deal with an aggregator or distributor you will need to tell them your film is on INDORA.

Does INDORA offer distribution to other platforms likes Netflix and Hulu?
Yes and no. Our partner AD Ventures selects specific films that meet their criteria for licensing and distribution to platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and others. Submitting your film to INDORA however in no way guarantees your film will be selected for distribution to any of those platforms.

How does INDORA pay me for my film?
We pay you monthly for the previous month’s earnings. Payouts can be made via Paypal or check. Payouts are made the last week of every month for the previous month’s earnings.

How much can I earn with my film?
That all depends on how many people watch it! The more viewers you get, the more you earn. We suggest you tell everyone you know you’re on INDORA. Tell your friends and family, and tell your fans!

Does INDORA offer viewer data and reporting?
We provide comprehensive reports monthly. Reports include a variety of viewer statistics, total views, total earnings and more. Reports are sent via email the first week of the month for the previous month.

Who owns INDORA?
INDORA is owned by AM Productions, LLC based in Knoxville, TN.

How do I contact INDORA?
You can contact us anytime via our contact form.